My face

Mark Stenglein

IT Systems Engineer, Developer, Freelance Media Producer, Amateur Radio Operator (KN4IJZ)

Hello! I am an IT systems engineer, freelance media producer, developer, amateur radio operator, sound engineer, and generally curious person.

Currently I spend my days helping to build and run the cloud at Amazon Web Services.

As an IT Specialist I have been responsible for developing, maintaining, and iterating upon solutions to countless problems found in running and supporting a large enterprise environment. As a developer I have implemented custom solutions for NASA Langley Research Center, Bishop O’Connell High School, as well as contributions to several free software projects in use by the students at George Mason University and the public at-large.

Since 2017 I have worked with Joshua Cruse Media LLC on various projects for several of George Mason University’s Green Machine Ensembles as well as the Lynchburg Symphony Orchestra. As a sound engineer I have been responsible for for live and recorded productions for the Boy Scouts of America’s Colonial Virginia Council, George Mason University’s Green Machine Pep Band, Bishop O’Connell High School, and Joshua Cruse Media LLC.